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Watch out for the new Astro Boy spec POs-Ca!


Glico’s gum POs-Ca was released on March 2nd with a new package design featuring Astro Boy. Please look out for the POs-Ca TV commercial and the advertising, which you’ll find everywhere.  


A giant advertisement will hijack stations!

A giant advertisement is going to appear in stations from time to time, starting from March 1st. If you are in the area, please check it out.  


[Kanto region]
JR Shibuya station: March 1-7 (tentative)
JR Shinjuku station: March 1-7 (tentative)
Tokyo Metro 38 stations: March 16-31 (tentative)  


[Kansai region]
Hankyu Umeda station: March 22-28 (tentative)    


Watch the CM making-of on Wii no Ma

The TV commercial making-of is available on Glico no Ma on Wii no Ma, including footage showing Oguri Shun doing the dubbing. This making-of gives clear explanations how a TV commercial is made, including checking story boards. If you are interested in how a TV commercial is made, we recommend it. If you can access Wii no Ma, you should definitely see this.   


Glico Official Website

On the official website, Astro Boy appears in many places including a cute flash animation on the front page. The website presents product information, the TV commercial, the “Tetsuwan-Teeth project,” and other items. Click here to visit the official website  (a new window will open). A mobile-phone site is also available, so check it out!  


Click here to view the TV commercial.