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Character Goods Store

TOKYO PiXEL x Tezuka Character goods are now available at 3 COINS.


Tezuka Character goods based on designs by Makoto Ozu (TOKYO PiXEL) are now available at 3 COINS, a fancy goods franchise nationwide.

The followings are goods now available:

Umbrella    500 yen

Masking Tape  150 yen

iPhone case (for iPhone 6/7)  300 iPhone case (for iPhone 6 plus/7plis)

Plastic file  300 yen

Handkerchief  300 yen

Pin  300 yen

Sticky: 300 yen

Folded Sticky: 300 yen

Sticker: 150 yen

Mouse Pad: 300 yen

Tote: 500 yen / Pouch: 300 yen

Box: 500 yen

Notebook (B5): 150 yen

Smart Phone Case (diary type): 500 yen

IC card case: 300 yen

Mug: 300 yen

*tax excluded

List of Stores:

All 3 COINS stores nationwide


TOKYO PiXEL is an art design brand in Tokyo, which now attracts attention from various fields with its pop and unique 8-bit art designs widely used in apparel, events and advertisements.  The brand also has its own store in Kuramae, Tokyo. TOKYO PiXEL’s collaborative designs with various artists/brands are also talked a lot.

Makoto Ozu

After retiring from a major hobby store in 2007, Ozu started his career as a cross-stitch designer. In 2016, he established TOKYO PiXel, his pixel art design brand.  In August, 2017, “Fun Cross-Stitching”, a book introducing his cross-stitching designs, was published from PHP.