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Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum

TOMM museum shop sells original products of “Atom the Beginning”


The line up of “Atom the Beginning” products available at TOMM museum store


The Exhibition: Atom the Beginning is held from March 2, 2017 till June 26, 2017 at TOMM.


In commemoration of the broadcasting of the TV series, TOMM holds the exhibition for the original manga work authored by Masami Yuki, illustrated by Tetsuro Kasahara and supervised by Makoto Tezuka, which has been serialized since January issue, 2015


This is the story before the birth of Astro Boy, the representative character created by Tezuka Osamu.


For further information about the exhibition, click here:

The official web site for TV animation series: Atom the Beginning:


TOMM limited products!

The following is Atom the Beginning products only available at TOMM museum shops based on the original drawing by Tetsuro Kasahara.




Atom the Beginning Post Card (only available at TOMM): 150 yen (tax excluded)



Atom the Beginning Plastic File (A4 sized, only available at TOMM): 350 yen (tax excluded)



Atom the Beginning Poster (only available at TOMM): 300 yen (tax excluded)



Atom the Beginning Button Badge (5.5 cm across, a total of 9 patterns): 400 yen (tax excluded)



Atom the Beginning Ballpoint Pen (a total of 4 patterns): 600 yen (tax excluded)

Left: Hiroshi Ochanomizu     Right: Umataro Tenma

Left: Moriya Tsutusmi        Right: Motoko Tsutsumi



Atom the Beginning Key Ring (a total of 3 patters): 620 yen (tax excluded)

Left: Hirosih Ochanomizu

Center: A106

Right: Umataro Tenma



Atom the Beginning Smart Phone Case (a total of 2 patters): 3500 yen (for 142 mm x 71 mm or smaller, tax excluded)

More products are coming in the middle of March or later!





【Photo of the store】


Now the comic books (vol.1 – vol.4) are on sale.  560 yen each (without tax)







- The designs of the products are subject to change.

- Some products may be out of stock.

- No mail-order service available.