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The Definitive Edition “Osamushi ni Tsutaete”




The Definitive Edition “Osamushi ni Tsutaete”, the essays authored by Rumiko Tezuka, is released from Rittosha Bunko.

The essays about her interchange with Tezuka Osamu as her father were originally published in January, 1994 from Ota Shuppan as the first book by the author.  This definitive edition is the latest one which also contains the talk between the author and Shizuka Sonoda, known as the owner of “Club Sukiyabashi”, a famous bar loved by literary persons.


“The Definitive Edition -Osamushi ni Tsutaete” (Rittosha Bunko)

Author: Rumiko Tezuka

Release date: Feb. 20, 2017

Price: 900 yen (tax excluded)

Size: A6 size, 416 pages

ISBN 9784845629886

Available at