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The Tourism Campaign: Aizu and Tezuka Osamu



To promote the tourism in Aizu, Fukushima, Tezuka Characters Stamps Collecting Rallies is held. A total of seventeen Tezuka characters’ stamps are positioned at seventeen tourism spots.

The participants who complete all those stamps can win a special prize.

Other than above, the exhibition: Tezuka Osamu and Aizu is also held at Aizu Wakamatsu History Center.


Aizu Tezuka Osamu Characters Stamps Collecting Rallies

Period: July 1, 2016-Augusut 31, 2016

Stamps are available at the following:


The Exhibition: Tezuka Osamu and Aizu

Period: July 30, 2016- August 21, 2016

Venue: Aizu Wakamatsu History Center – MANABEKO


Take the Tezuka Osamu Wrapping Bus from Shinjuku to Aizu!