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Character Goods Store

New products information!


New products information Several new products are now on sale!  


Rubber key cap


New products information! (photo 1)

Rubber key cap (Astro Boy & Leo)
Price: 420 yen (tax included)    


Put this rubber cap on your key so that you won’t lose it.   


Selling agency: WINCLASS Co. Ltd. To WINCLASS’s site. (The site will appear in another window).


Cell phone strap


Cell phone strap
Price: 473 yen (tax included)  


Ether of Astro boy’s face or his blue print appears on the surface depending on the angle of light. 
Put the strap on your cell phone, purse or bag to be together with Astro boy all the time.   


Selling agency: Shin & Company Inc. To the Sin & Company’s site. (The site will appear in another window.).

 New products information! (photo 2)


Cell phone strap


New products information! (photo 3)New products information! (photo 4)


Women’s: 580 yen (tax included) (Medium & Large), left pic. Men’s: 708 yen (tax included), right pic.  


Fashionable people are particular about undergarments.
Let’s go out in Astro boy and Sapphire underwear. The undergarments above are available at Fashion Center Shimamura.  


Selling agency: GRACE Co. Ltd.