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Iemasa Yagi


  • His idiosyncratic nose might well lead you into believing that he was, without doubt, related to Dr. Ochanomizu. However, whilst Dr. Ochanomizu was a "good-natured fellow" who was always smiling nonchalantly, Saruta lived a life of extreme hardship at the mercy of fate, habitually showing the dark side of human nature, and had the talent to give such serious performances. You could say that between them Dr. Ochanomizu and Saruta took on the roles of showing the "light" and "dark" sides of a human heart. Saruta gave his most characteristic performance as Gao in "The Phoenix: Chapter of Ho-o".


List of the works

    • COMIC
    • 1969
    • Land of Tigerman (as Kurokawa)
    • 1974
    • Black Jack / After Effects (as the physician)
    • 1974
    • Black Jack / Sometimes Like Peals (as Honma Jotaro)
    • 1974
    • Black Jack / The Leg of an Ant (as Honma Jotaro)
    • 1975
    • Black Jack / Where are you, My Friend? (as Honma Jotaro)
    • 1977
    • Black Jack / Honma Hematoma (as Honma Jotaro)
    • 1978
    • Black Jack / Suggestion in the 20th Year (as Honma Jotaro)
    • 1978
    • Black Jack / Callit Life (as Honma Jotaro)
    • 1981
    • Rainbow Parakeet / Chirano de Bergerac (as Kozuki Mawashi)

    • ANIME
    • The Phoenix Chapter of Ho-o
    • The Phoenix Chapter of YAMATO
    • The Phoenix Chapter of Universe
    • The Phoenix 2772 Cosmo Zone of Love
    • The Phoenix Chapter of Dawn


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