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First lieutenant Dali


  • The person who became the model for this character was Ishihara, a good friend of Tezuka Osamu's from his elementary school days. Ishihara was one of the most significant people in Tezuka Osamu's life; it was he who lent Tezuka Osamu an illustrated guide to insects, an act that led to the young Tezuka Osamu becoming hooked on the fascination of the "insect world". The character of Kin Sankaku, who was modeled on this benefactor, was to become the most outstandingly conspicuous star villain in the world of Tezuka Osamu's Manga. Kin Sankaku though, always played the part of a lovable bad guy, perhaps as a result of Tezuka Osamu's feelings towards his childhood friend. His round face and round black glasses made him too cute to be able to act like a true villain.


List of the works

    • COMIC
    • 1958
    • Astro Boy / Cruciform Island
    • 1959
    • Astro Boy / The Artificial Sun
    • 1960
    • Angel's Hill (as the famulus of Goddess)
    • 1966
    • Astro Boy / Jinmen Iwa
    • 1972
    • Lion Books / The March Covered with Mud (as the Journalist)
    • 1974
    • Black Jack / Tommy (as the hospital staff?)
    • 1974
    • Black Jack / The Siamese Twins (as the member of German Science Academy)
    • 1976
    • The Three-eyed One / Prince of the Underground World (Kinkonkan)
    • 1977
    • Black Jack / Lost Youth (as the staff of the human resources in Abraham Oil Company)
    • 1977
    • Black Jack / A Surgeon Lives for Music (as the secret police of D country?)
    • 1977
    • Black Jack / Homma Hematoma (as the journalist)
    • 1977
    • The Three-eyed One / Godal (as the owner of the antique shop)
    • 1981
    • Rainbow Parakeet / Forest of fossil

    • Astro Boy


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