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  • In "Swallowing the Earth" she was the archetypal realistic, glamorous, Tezuka Osamu beauty who had an incorrigible hatred for men. As might be expected of a character that debuted in the role of an almost implausibly beautiful woman, her ravishing looks made her Tezuka Osamu's most illustrious beauty. As a beautiful woman, it was only natural that she appeared as the "Spirit of the West Wind" in "UNICO", and her beauty filled the entire screen.


List of the works

    • COMIC
    • 1968
    • Swallowing the Earth
    • 1975
    • Black Jack (as Black Queen)
    • 1976
    • Unico (as Zephyrus)

    • ANIME
    • Unico Short Story
    • Unico
    • Unico. To the Magic Island


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