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  • The movie “MW” information

  • The movie “MW” DVD is already on sale!

    The movie “MW” DVD is already on sale!

    The movie “MW” DVD information   The DVD of the movie “MW”, released on Jul. 4, 2009, is already on sale! The first limited edition, packed in the special case, contains various limited gifts and bonuses. Special features limited for the first limited edition ・ Special case ・ Big-sized postcards ・ Bonus footages  - Footages taken at the stage greeting & special events  - Trailer & special report Price: 3,990 yen (with tax) / 3,800 yen (without tax) Distributor: Amuse Soft Entertainment Inc.


    (11/10/2009 renewed)


    <Information just before the release of the movie>

      Several feature programs for the movie “MW” are broadcast one after another!  
    The first program
    The movie “MW” feature program “The exclusive coverage of Koji Tamaki - the challenge to an evil hero in the last year of his twenties -“ Airtime: 15:00 on Jun. 27 (Sat.)
    The second program
    TV drama “MW” episode 0 - the devil’s game - feature program Airtime: 15:55 – 16:55 on Jun. 30 (Tue.)
    The third program
    TV Drama “MW” episode 0 - the devil’s game - Airtime: 21:00 – 22:48 on Jun. 20 (Tue.)
    The fourth program
    Cine Maga “MW” Special Airtime: 25:50 on Jul. 3 (Fri.)
    Visit the official website for further information such as broadcasting time for each local region.


    (6/26/2009 renewed)


    <Detailed information about the TV drama “MW”>


    the TV drama “MW” -1-

    Airtime: 21:00 – 22:58 (Tue.) on Jun. 30, 2009 Broadcast on NTV network Cast: Takeru Sato, Mitsuki Tanimura, Keisuke Koide and Hiroshi Tamaki Theme song: “MW - Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque -” by flumpool Produced by D.N. Dream Partners & Amuse Soft Entertainment Several months before the case in the movie “MW” happens, a young man who has become jobless and homeless under the recession (starred by Takeru Sato) meets Michio Yuki, an evil man without any morality (starred by Hiroshi Tamaki). To save a foster home he was raised in, the young man commits crimes without knowing horrible traps are waiting for him. Continual betrayals and treacheries bring the story to a shocking ending which nobody can predict.   <Story> Coming to himself, Takashi Morioka (starred by Takeru Sato) finds himself lying on the floor of a dark room, with his arms behind his back. He tastes blood in his mouth. Provably he has a cut on the inside of his mouth. He finds two men in front of him, one in a blue straitjacket, and another in a red straitjacket, and Michio Yuki smiling weirdly, asking him, “You know what the ultimate choice is?”

    the TV drama “MW” -2-

    What’s happened? And what is going to happen? A shocking ending which nobody can predict is waiting after the continual betrayals. What is the secret of Takashi’s birth? What is Yuki’s true purpose? And what is “MW”? Is there any involvement of the government? The interview to Mr. Sato and Mr. Tamaki, and lot more information and news are now available on the official site. Don’t miss them!   To the official site “MW” episode 0 – the devil’s game –


    (6/18/2009 renewed)


    <Products related to the movie “MW”>

      Now various products related to the movie “MW” are on sale.  
      “MW” - novelized - “MW” - novelized - The movie “MW” based on the original manga by Osamu Tezuka is novelized to an authentic picaresque novel. Author: Shiro Shijo & the movie “MW” production committee Release date: Jun. 5, 2009 Publisher: Shougakukan Price: 540 yen   “MW” visual book “MW” visual book This is the perfect guide to the movie “MW”! The book contains pictures of some scenes from the movie, Hiroshi Tamaki and Takayuki Yamada’s photos and interviews, columns about attraction of the original manga, and a lot more. Release date: Jun. 19, 2009  
      “MW” original sound track “MW” original sound track Total time: 72 min. Total number of songs: 23 Release date: Jun. 24, 2009 Label: Amuse Soft Entertainment Price: 2,000 yen


    (6/18/2009 renewed)


    <Promotion video for the theme song of the movie “MW” by flumpool is now available!>

      The promotion video for the theme song of the movie “MW - Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque -” is now available for free. Yahoo! Doga provides not only the promotion video but also its making and digested footage earlier than other media. Of course, the promotion video contains some exciting and powerful scenes from the movie! Do not miss it! This promotion video is also available on the official site of flumpool! Enjoy the world of “MW” with “MW – Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque-”!   flumpool official site


    (6/1/2009 renewed)